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Monday, November 12, 2012


God and His Messiah Jesus Christ our Lord - our right and duty to witness to Him

This is typical Communist Trotskyite Fourth International - Hegelian dialectic for Russian Supremacism using Iran's key geographic centrality in Eurasia and contrived flashpoint status as a potential for man made nuclear armageddon as a point of departure to project Russian militarism in the area. Its Communist base of historical thesis-antithesis of proposed (and quite false) pantheistic evolutionary history is classic Marxist-Engelian Anti-God theory long shown to be bloody nihilism and simply the starting place for bloody genocides from Russia to Europe to China to Africa to South America and Asia and the Middle East etc..


"The idea of Iran, as a federating civilization,  both absorbing and prevailing over the ancient kingdoms of West and South Asia..."


Persia as the Middle Kingdom between China and Rome vanished centuries ago with the military conquests of the Jihadist Ummah of Muhammed. Prior to that, the Talmudic Jews had used Zoroastrianist-Magian Persia as a power to the East of Christian Rome to persecute Christians and assault Christian Rome (including Byzantium). In later centuries, Persia was also the springboard for the Talmudic Doenmeh incursion into Turkey with all the concommitant Sufism-Nizari Ismaelism assassin cultic trappings it carried with it. From there and central Europe and London and New York and Tel Aviv, the 19th century and early 20th century Communist assault on Russia was conducted. 

Today, Iran is a pawn long encapsulated by Moscow (sine 1935) and Washington (since 1953), with London behind the scenes (since 19th century at least), to use as a chess piece in the area as they choose.

Neither Iran nor Israel is going to attack each other. Iran is the chess piece for East and West to use as an excuse to eat up the entire Middle East.

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